Step 1: External Erase and Factory Reset

With a Factory Reset, the Hardware Appliance is reset to factory defaults. For this defined state, all configuration files and sensitive information are deleted. This includes,  for example, cryptographic keys on the Hardware Security Module (HSM) or certificates in the CA database.

You need to perform a Factory Reset in the following cases:

  • The Hardware Appliance is set up for the first time.
  • Access is lost to the Hardware Appliance.
  • The Hardware Appliance is reinstalled.
  • Secret data needs to be erased.
  • The Hardware Appliance switches from testing or demo system to production system.

When you execute the external erase and factory reset, all sensitive data will immediately be erased from the HSM. You can then only restore the data from an existing backup and, if required, with Backup Key Share smart cards.

Placement of the External Erase button

Proceed as follows to perform a Factory Reset on the Hardware Appliance:

  1. Turn on the Hardware Appliance and wait until it is booted up.
    When booting is complete, you will see information pages scrolling through the display at the front.

  2. Locate the External Erase button on the back of the Hardware Appliance: The button is hidden in a hole underneath the integrated Hardware Security Module (see illustration above).

  3. Press the External Erase button with a pen to erase all data.
    For confirmation, the Hardware Appliance will flash a light and you will hear a confirmation sound. Please note that a Hardware Appliance already in a factory reset state will not emit a confirmation sound or a flashing light.

    Confirmation of External Erase: Known issues

    In most cases, pressing the External Erase button is confirmed by flashing a light and by a confirmation sound. However, we have noticed the following issues:

    • In some cases, there is no light flashing.
    • In some cases, the confirmation sound may take up to 10 minutes to appear. This can happen if you press the button twice – for example, because the pen slipped off the button and was placed there again.

    Even if the confirmation takes longer than expected: As soon as you press the External Erase button, the HSM deletes the data. To ensure that the factory reset was successful, you can scroll through the information pages of the Hardware Appliance display for the message Factory Reset: Reboot Required.

  4. In the front display, together with the other information pages a new message appears: Factory Reset: Reboot Required.
  5. Briefly press the power button on the front panel to start rebooting the Hardware Appliance.
  6. Confirm the Reboot option in the display by using the display buttons.
    The Hardware Appliance reboots and clears all configuration files.
  7. After successfully rebooting, the Hardware Appliance display shows a cycle of the current Management Interface IP address, the initial Transport Layer Security (TLS) Fingerprint, and additional information, like software version and the One Time Password (OTP).

    Please Note

    If you need to interrupt the Initial Set-up process here, select the option Shutdown in Step 6.
    To resume the Initial Set-up at a later stage, power up and boot the Hardware Appliance and continue with Step 2: One Time Password and TLS Fingerprint.

    Such a clean shutdown and reboot is required to delete the configuration. Do not perform a hard power fail, as this will not ensure a clean reboot.