PrimeKey is pleased to announce the release of NPKD 1.6.0 .

This release brings several features to improve the usability of NPKD. With this release, we have also updated the platform support.


Tracking of the Source of Data

NPKD now tracks whether data has been imported manually or downloaded from ICAO. You can view if data is imported manually or downloaded from ICAO on the Details pages Source field. The source of any existing data since will show as Unspecified.

Audit Log Export to CSV

You can now export the displayed results on the Audit Logs page to a CSV (comma-separated values) file, that you then can import into a spreadsheet application. For more information about NPKD Audit Log events, see NPKD Audit.

Overview of Own Country's Information

NPKD now allows you to view all country-specific information, such as CSCA certificates and CRLs, on a single overview page. The overview page also enables you to download certificates and CRLS and provides links to detailed pages. To view the country-specific overview page, select the National PKD Content Overview menu option.

Support for Newer Java and Wildfly Versions

This release adds support for Java 11 and Wildfly 14. For more information, see Installation Prerequisites

Upgrade Information

The importedFrom column has been added to the Crls, CscaCertificates, DeviationLists, DsCertificates, and MasterLists database tables. The column will hold the information about the data source (imported manually, downloaded from ICAO, or not specified for old data).

To add the new column and indexes, run the upgrade script available in doc/sql-scripts/upgrade-1.5-to-1.6.sql in the release ZIP file.