The following sections cover information on how to use the appliance and provide instructions for configuring the appliance using WebConf as well as other step-by-step instructions.

Basic Hardware Operations

Covers information on the different Audible Feedback (only applicable for Hardware Version 2) status sounds of the appliance, provides an introduction to Smart Card Handling and information on using smart cards and as well as example installation instructions, and includes information about the Battery Adapter used to buffer the internal HSM battery and extend its lifetime, for example when a Hardware Appliance is operated as offline (root) CA.


WebConf is the web-based user interface for managing the base functionality of the Hardware Appliance. For more information on the WebConf functions, see WebConf - Configurator of Hardware Appliance.

Certificates and Trusted CAs

For information on certificates and Trusted CAs and step-by-step instructions, see Certificates and Trusted CAs.


For information about the Hardware Appliance different maintenance states, and reasons and effects, see Maintenance.